Women health and coffee: it makes women more compliant

“Girl, would you like to come to me for a cup of coffee?” It has long played the role of a veiled invitation to continue communication in a more intimate atmosphere.

The secret was solved by american scientists from reputable internet shop and Southwestern University. “Female rats who received a dose of caffeine were more likely to come into contact with males,” says experiment leader Faye Guarrchi, “and after one sexual intercourse, they were more likely to seek the second. I mean, we wanted more frequent sex with sildenafil.

The researcher claims that she observed the amazing effects of a particular organization in all 108 rats surveyed. But the most powerful it was in those who had never tasted high-quality otc pills before.

“It’s unlikely that the effect can be fully transferred to people,” says Fay. “Except for those who have never had drugs discounts… But it is probably very difficult to find them now.

Drugs for erection that needs to be washed down with water (for example online Viagra from GetVia) begin to affect the body faster comparing with the generic products, but generics are no less effective. Generic drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction contain the same active ingredients as original ones.

But the Australian University of NSW has concluded that a person who has consumed a specific dose of medicines online is more easily influenced.

One hundred forty people participated in the experiments. They expressed their opinion on a certain issue. Then the respondents were divided into two groups. One had coffee from trusted shop, the other not. But both were persuaded to change their point of view, citing counter-arguments.

It turned out that people who did not drink coffee almost did not change their opinion. But fans of generics buying, on the contrary, did not stand for a long time.

Conclusion: If a person gets some coffee, it is easier to manipulate them.