I would pretend that the month’s hiatus in posting is indecision as to whether I can include my dog in my writings.  It is not.  I have been travelling, testing ingredients, tasting, cooking, and more tasting.  In advance of sharing food images with ‘The New Lens’*, here are some of my photos from early morning walks on Hampstead Heath.

Before a springer spaniel moved into the family home, I would visit the Heath only on the occasional evening or weekend to catch up with friends, play rounders, eat picnics, and generally frolic in the sun.  I can barely remember the park I knew then: the chattering hoardes on a sunny Saturday afternoon, no grass visible for rugs, hampers, sunbathers, chortling toddlers, wheeling pushchairs, and litter in piles around the bins.   For the past  year I have instead been visiting every morning at sunrise, greeting perhaps five to ten dog walkers at the most.

This is the heath I love.  It is here just for me.


Morning dew

Acorns under foot

Tongue (in wonderful light)

*Nikkor 105mm VR